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Working Paper
Socpa, Antoine, Wilfred Nkwambi , Jan Delbaere , Helder Salvaterra , and Sabine Bongi. "Republique Democratique de Sao Tome et Principe. Analyse Globale de la Sécurité Alimentaire et de la Vulnérabilité." (2009).
Chilonda, Pius, Victorino Xavier, Lucia Luciano, Helder Gemo, Adriano Chamusso, Precious Zikhali, Angela Faria, Jones Govereh, Sofia Manussa, and Baptista Acubar. Monitoring Agriculture Sector Performance, Growth and Poverty Trends in Mozambique. 2011.
Thesis or Dissertation
Eduardo J, Emanoel. "O Papel do Pibid na Ótica dos Licenciandos-Bolsistas – Um Estudo de Caso." Título de Licenciado, Universidade de Brasília, 2012.
Conference Paper
Zavale, Helder, Robert Myers, and David Tschirley. "Market level effects of world food program local and regional procurement of food aid in Africa." International Conference of Agricultural Economists, August 9-14, 2015, Milan, Italy. 2015.
Book Section
Vale, Helder Ferreira, and Robert Cameron. "Inequality and Governance in the Metropolis." The Mosaic of Local Governments in Post Apartheid South Africa: Municipal Asymmetries and Spatial Inequality (2017).
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