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Journal Article
Lybberta, Travis J, Abdellah Aboudrareb, Deborah Chaloudc, Nicholas Magnand, and Maliha Nashc. "Booming Markets for Moroccan Argan Oil Appear to Benefit some Rural Households while Threatening the Endemic Argan Forest." PNAS 108, no. 34 (2011): 13963-13968.
Batley, Richard, Maliha Hussein , Abdul R Khan, Zubia Mumtaz , Natasha Palmer , and Kevin Sansom. Pakistan: Study of Non-State Providers of Basic Services. 2004.
Thesis or Dissertation
Cheema, Maliha. "The Impact on Health and the Willingness to Pay for Piped Water in Punjab, Pakistan." Doctor of Philosophy , North Carolina State University, 2013.
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