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Journal Article
Gussot, Emmanuelle, Yao Telesphore Brou, Abdellah Laouina, Miloud Chaker, Anas Emran, and Nadia Machouri. "Dynamique de L’occupation du sol et Statistiques Agricoles sur le bassin Versant du Bouregreg au Maroc Land Covers Dynamic and Agricultural Statistics on the Bouregreg Watershed in Morocco." European Journal of Scientific Research 126, no. 2 (2014): 191-205.
Kaddar, Miloud, Sangeeta Mookherji, Denise DeRoeck, and Denise Antona. Case study on the costs and financing of immunization services in Morocco. Bethesda, USA/Maryland: Partnerships for Health Reform, Abt Associates, 1999.
Chaker, Aziz, Houria A M’chichi, Malika Benradi, Mohamed Mouaqit, Mohamed S Saadi, and Abdel-Ilah Yaakoubd. Féminin-Masculin: La Marche vers L’égalité au Maroc 1993-2003. 1993.
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