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Journal Article
Jafarey, Sadiqua N, Talat Rizvi, Marge Koblinsky, and Nazo Kureshy. "Verbal autopsy of maternal deaths in two districts of Pakistan—filling information gaps." Journal of health, population, and nutrition 27, no. 2 (2009): 170.
Working Paper
Koblinsky, Marge, Colleen Conroy, Nazo Kureshy, Mary Ellen Stanton, and Suzanne Jessop. "Issues in programming for safe motherhood." (2000).
Leburg, Corey, Nazo Kureshy, Joseph Valadez, Lusine Mirzoyan, Vardan Matevosyan, Liliana Veloso, and Collen Conroy. Network for health in Armenia: Baseline report supplement. : ADRA, CARE, and Save the Children, 2001.
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