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Type Conference Paper - International Invitational Educational Policy Research Conference, Paris, France, 2005
Title Variance in pupil reading and mathematics performance: Why is it so large in Mauritius?
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2005
City Paris
Country/State France
URL http://www.sacmeq.org/sites/default/files/sacmeq/research/Papers from the 2005 International​Invitational Educational Policy Research Conference/kulpoo.pdf
Achieving Education for All by the year 2015 is a major challenge for many countries. However successful development-oriented policies should be a combination of three key ingredients-increased participation, improvement of quality and promotion of equity. Mauritius has an excellent record of pupil participation, is faring relatively well in terms of quality but shows a serious problem of educational equity. In this paper the issue of equity has been examined by analyzing the variance in pupil achievement in reading and mathematics using data from the SACMEQ data archive .Large within-school variance could be attributed mostly to a specific form of streaming occurring in nearly all schools related to pupils repeating the grade. The implication of this finding is that the Ministry needs to look at the allocation of pupils to classes, the training of teachers in the area of mixed-ability teaching and continuous assessments – and remedial education.

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