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Type Report
Title Pathways for ensuring access to assets: Land tenure reform and beyond
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
URL http://basis.ucdavis.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Land_reform_proposal.pdf
While land reform programs are being considered and implemented in many African countries, there is growing recognition that legislation on land reform alone does not guarantee secure access to property, especially for women. This project will examine how people gain secure access to assets, including land, and how the patterns differ for women and men. We will examine how the formal legal frameworks and social norms, including marital and inheritance patterns, shape the access of individuals to land and other assets. Collecting both community tenure profiles and household and intrahousehold survey data from Liberia and Uganda will provide an opportunity to analyze these relationships and draw policy lessons. Liberia is facing increasing pressure, both domestic and international, to resolve land tenure issues that have emerged after years of civil war. Uganda legislated land reform in 1998 and the government and NGOs are involved in implementation activities. Community tenure profiles for Liberia will provide important information for the land reform process, while the analyses from Uganda will provide information on how the administrative implementation procedures affect women’s and men’s access to land. The study will be undertaken jointly by researchers from the United States, Uganda, and Liberia.

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