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Type Thesis or Dissertation - PhD thesis
Title Le Travail en Réseau comme Enjeu dans L'offre de Services en Santé Mentale de L'enfant dans la Région de Dakar au Sénégal: Une Analyse Écosystémique
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
URL http://theses.ulaval.ca/archimede/fichiers/27981/27981.pdf
The aim of this research is to describe the relationships between actors committed to the child on a specific practice similar and comparable to networking at Dakar in Senegal. Its purpose is to develop a better understanding of this form of networking with regards to the child mental health services in Senegal. It demonstrates the relevance of a study of a specific practice networking, one that is either child-centric. It also shows that the types of relationships between actors involved can give again towards a sportscasters approach to treatment of mental disorders of children, can rise to a new networking-oriented approach, once they understand the meaning of a collectivisation of approaches in the treatment of child mental health disorders. This practice in the Senegalese context focuses particularly on the meaning of these relations. This research is exclusively descriptive and hence does not aim at providing basic explanation ofthe principles ofthe approach nor does it provide the foundation of any new theory. The primary focus of the research is to determine how are articulated the relationships between a variety of networks composed of stakeholders, members of families and association for the defence of children's rights as well as multipractitioners involved in mental health services for children in the area of Dakar in Senegal. The framework of this analysis -ecosystem perspective- was useful in orienting the study and allowed to target the logic of conjunction necessary to the pooling resources ofthe concept coming from our three models of reference.

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