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Type Journal Article - Applied Geography
Title Vulnerability modeling for sub-Saharan Africa: An operationalized approach in Malawi
Volume 48
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 17-30
URL http://www.usma.edu/minerva/Shared_Minerva_Documents/Vulnerability modeling for subSaharan Africa an​operationlized approach in Malawi.pdf
This study addresses the need for a policy-relevant climatic vulnerability model in sub-Saharan Africa, where data is typically poor and people are exposed to a wide range of environmental and socioeconomic stressors that are unique to the region. This research applies a multi-scale, multi-indicator methodology that allows policy-makers and experts flexibility to contextualize causal factors in the modeling process through selection of evidence-based variables of vulnerability. This process is easily scaled to stakeholders needs, whether at a state, district or local level. This article provides a framework to assist stakeholders and policy-makers in Malawi to determine what drives vulnerability at a household level, which areas in the country are most vulnerable and where development solutions should be applied. As financial assistance related to climate adaptation increases rapidly in Africa, this article presents timely results for Malawi and an auspicious methodology that can assist other vulnerable countries.

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