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Type Journal Article - Saudi medical journal
Title Prevalence of vitamin-mineral supplement use among Jordan University students
Volume 29
Issue 9
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
Page numbers 1326-1331
URL http://smj.psmmc.med.sa/index.php/smj/article/view/6370/4144
To determine the prevalence, reasons,
source of information of vitamin-mineral supplement
uses, and their relationship with selected demographic
and lifestyle characteristics among Jordan University
A cross-sectional survey was carried out at
Jordan University, Amman, Jordan from March to
September 2005. The survey included 1187 students
aged 17-28 years. A multistage stratified sampling
technique was used to recruit the participants from
different majors at Jordan University. A self-administered
questionnaire containing questions on use of vitamin-
mineral supplement during the last year, demographic,
and lifestyle characteristics was completed.
The overall prevalence of vitamin-mineral
supplement use during the last year reported by students
was 27.4% (males 22%, and females 30.2%). Vitamin-
mineral supplement use among university students
was significantly (
<0.05) associated with age, gender,
family monthly income, smoking status, physical
activity, vegetarian status, and body mass index. The
most frequently used supplements were multivitamins
(10.4%) and multivitamins-multi minerals (10%). The
most frequently given reason for supplement use was
for treatment. The main frequently reported source of
information was a physician (45.8%).
The overall prevalence rate of vitamin-
mineral supplement use is very low. Supplement users
are more likely to be: females, nonsmokers, of higher
income, physically active, vegetarians, and of normal
body mass index. The main reason for supplement use
is for treatment, and the major source of information
on supplements is by physicians and pharmacists.

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