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Type Journal Article - Agriculture & Forestry
Title The total phenolics and antioxidants from fruit and vegetables: an evaluation of daily intake
Volume 59
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
URL Topalovic et al.pdf
Given the importance of antioxidant-rich food in the promotion of health
and the prevention against damages caused by reactive species, this paper
presents insights into the antioxidant activity of phenolics, total phenolics and
antioxidants in fruits and vegetables. It also comprises the daily intake of
phenolics and antioxidants from foods in the American and French diets, and the
evaluation of Montenegro by using literature data.
In comparison to fruit, vegetables contribute less in the daily intake of
phenolics and antioxidants. In the Montenegrin diet, the main dietary sources of
phenolics and antioxidants are apples and potatoes, and relatively high daily
intakes are achieved from bananas, plums, oranges, bell peppers and cabbage.
The daily consumption of fruit and vegetables in Montenegro is significantly
lower than in France, and especially the USA. Dietary modification through the
balanced consumption of fruit and vegetables is necessary. Therefore, it is more
important and more effective than taking nutritional supplements for the primary
prevention of chronic diseases.

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