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Type Journal Article
Title The 1985 Intercensal Survey of Indonesia: 7. Education
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1987
URL http://www.popline.org/node/350897
Data on education variables derived from recent censuses and surveys reveal considerable progress in providing education at progressively higher levels for large parts of the population in Indonesia. This paper examines trends in adult educational attainment, adult literacy, and school attendance of young people, with an emphasis on differentials in these measures by region, sex, and location (urban vs rural). The data indicate that by 1985 about half of the adult males and 1/3 of the adult females had completed a primary education, with higher rates of school achievement in the urban areas. 72% of women and 87% of men consider themselves to have literacy skills. 94% of children in the 7-12-year age group are attending primary school, which was made compulsory for children of this age in 1982. Close to 3/4 of children ages 13-15 years and 1/2 of those 16-18 years were attending school in 1985. Boys aged 13-15 years were 8% more likely than girls to be in school; boys aged 16-18 years were 29% more likely than girls to be attending school. As maximum feasible enrollment levels are approached, the educational system should shift to an emphasis on qualitative improvements, including the task of matching graduates from the various levels of education with appropriate employment.

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