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Type Journal Article - Journal of forensic sciences
Title Population frequency for the short tandem repeat loci D18S849, D3S1744, and D12S1090 in Caucasian-Mestizo and African descent populations of Colombia
Volume 45
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2000
Page numbers 429-431
URL http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Andres_Baena/publication/12533742_Population_frequency_for_the_s​hort_tandem_repeat_loci_D18S849_D3S1744_and_D12S1090_in_Caucasian-Mestizo_and_African_descent_popula​tions_of_Colombia/links/00463515b3a1217d03000000.pdf
Blood samples from 489 unrelated Caucasian Mestizo
and 252 individuals of African descent in Colombia were amplified
and typed for three short tandem repeat (STR) markers
(D12S1090, D3S1744, and D18S849). All markers conformed to
Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium expectations in both populations studied.
In addition, heterozygosity, mean exclusion chance, polymorphism
information content, discrimination power, and the assumption
of independence within and between loci were determined. The
mean exclusion chance for all three STR markers is 0.9750 in the
Caucasian Mestizo population and 0.9731 in the African Colombian
Population. The discrimination power is 0.999925 and 0.999911 in
the Caucasian Mestizo and African Colombian respectively.

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