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Type Report
Title Albania Labour market dynamics 2001-2011
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL http://www.instat.gov.al/media/242048/labour_market_dynamics_2001-2011.pdf
The 2011 Population and Housing Census of Albania is the 11th census performed in the history of Albania. The preparation and implementation of this commitment required a significant amount of financial and human resources. For this INSTAT has benefitted by the support of the Albanian government, the European Union and international donors. The methodology was based on the EUROSTAT and UN recommendations for the 2010 Population and Housing Censuses, taking into consideration the specific needs of data users of Albania.
In close cooperation with international donors, INSTAT has initiated a deeper analysis process in the census data, comparing them with other administrative indicators or indicators from different surveys. The deepened analysis of Population and Housing Census 2011 will serve in the future to better understand and interpret correctly the Albanian society features. The information collected by census is multidimensional and the analyses express several novelties like: Albanian labour market and its structure, emigration dynamics, administrative division typology, population projections and the characteristics of housing and dwelling conditions.

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