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Type Journal Article - International Review of Social Sciences
Title Psycho Social Factors Associated With Exclusive Breast Feeding (EBF) of Nursing Mothers in the Bolgatanga Municipality
Volume 2
Issue 7
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL http://irss.academyirmbr.com/papers/1406703907.pdf
This study employed a qualitative approach and used in-depth interviews to explore the experiences of
nursing mothers in the Bolgatanga municipality regarding psychosocial factors influencing their practice
of EBF. From the interviews, psychosocial factors influencing the practice of EBF include the health of the
mother, public attitude, work and customs and beliefs of society .Very important findings also emerged
indicating the poor efforts put in by health workers in the promotion of the practice. These findings include
inadequate knowledge on EBF by participants, a high influence of customs and norms of society on EBF,
absence of mother support groups in the municipality and inadequate knowledge on when to introduce
complementary feeding. These psychosocial factors have contributed immensely to the low patronage of
EBF in the municipality. Also breastfeeding mothers are faced with multiple challenges as they strive to
practice exclusive breastfeeding. Recommendations included intensification of education on EBF in the
media, hospitals and homes by the MOH/GHS and health personnel; making clear the position of MOH on
the policy regarding whether or not HIV/AIDS mothers should breastfeed to all healthcare institutions and
promotion of peer counseling on exclusive breastfeeding among mothers

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