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Type Conference Paper - The IAMO Forum 2004 “The role of agriculture in Central and Eastern European rural development: Engine of change or social buffer?”
Title Regional issues of agricultural economy effectiveness in Latvia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2004
City Haale
Country/State Germany
URL http://icp.org.ua/files/279_fadejewa.pdf
The paper is devoted to the assessment of agricultural production effectiveness in Latvian regions, based on the differences between input use coefficients, prices and productivity levels. For the analysis data from Latvian Farm Accountancy Data Network database, Economic Accounts for Agriculture, as well as statistical data from Rural Support Service and Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia were used. Input use coefficients are performed with a help of multiple linear regression method. Study results shows that agriculture production effectiveness differs significantly between regions, that indicates that in order to research and model possible effects of Common agricultural policy reform in Latvia it is essentially to take into account regional aspect.

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