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Type Book
Title Sustaining reforms for inclusive growth in Cameroon: a development policy review
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Publisher World Bank Publications
URL http://books.google.ca/books?hl=en&lr;=&id=lqsHla2VozkC&oi=fnd&pg=PR5&dq;=+"demographic+and+health+s​urvey"+Côte+d'Ivoire+dhs+round&ots=u1u5UbhqFk&sig=QVbKkcUt6ZacSQ9RRUDb2Nk5c6A
This comprehensive review of Cameroon's development policies since the 1970s-including public finance, privatization, trade, infrastructure, and governance-finds that Cameroon's malaise is due less to a lack of resources than to an inability to sustain reforms and to implement growth-enhancing policies. While the government's strategies have been sound, this volume argues that an 'administrative inertia' has set in. This study makes a number of key recommendations to overcome this inertia, enhance cohesion and consistency in government actions, strengthen capacity to effectively execute programs, and hence increase development outcomes for Cameroon.Contributions by: Armand Atomate, Mohammed Bekhechi, Yann Burtin, Ananda Covindassami, Mourad Ezzine, Miriam Schneidman, Isabelle Huyn, Jean-Francois Marteau, Pierre Pozzo di Borgo, Eleodoro Mayorga, Carole Megevand, Giuseppe Topa, Chantal Reliquet, Richard Verspyck, Ali Zafar an dDavid Tchuinou.

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