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Title Economic Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies on Rice production in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand: An Empirical Study
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
URL http://www.belpassosummerschool.it/biss2013/files/papers2013/STUDENTS'S PAPERS/STUDENTS'S​PAPERS/Geetha Belpasso Summer School, Italy-Final Version.pdf
Thailand is situated in a region that is foreseen to face dramatic changes in temperature and
rainfall over the coming century, and recently experienced extreme flooding that hazarded the
capacity for local food security. In order to assess these impacts, this paper examines the
climate change impacts and key adaptation strategies on rice farmers in Thai province Khon
Kaen using Ricardian approach based on a cross section primary survey of over 300 rice
farming households from different agro climatic districts. Net revenue of rice crop per
hectare was regressed on climate (temperature and precipitation), soil variables (major
dominant soil types) and household survey data (size of household, farm size, agricultural
inputs, livestock and extension services etc.,). The results show that these variables have a
significant impact on the rice crop net revenue per hectare of households under provincial
conditions. The marginal impact analysis indicates that increasing temperature during dry
season would significantly reduce rice crop net revenue per hectare whereas increasing
precipitation during wet season would significantly increase rice net revenue per hectare.
Besides that the rice crop net revenue impact of specific scenarios climate models
(CGCM3T63, CSIROMk3.5 and ECHAM50M) for the years 2050 and 2100. However, the
reduction in rice crop net revenue per hectare by the year 2100 would be more than the
reduction by the year 2050.

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