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Type Conference Paper - International Conference on "Shared Growth in Africa,"
Title Shared growth in Ghana: Do migrant remittances have a role?
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2005
City Accra
Country/State Ghana
The economy of Ghana has recorded modest net growth rates over the past decade. However, the current growth rates are inadequate to move the economy to a middle income status by 2015. Besides, not all benefited from the growth recorded so far and there is no doubt that the level of growth necessary to propel the country towards middle-income status cannot be achieved with the current levels of savings and investments within the domestic economy. The obvious issues are: how do we fill the savings gap and ensure shared growth? And how do we ensure that growth trickles down to the poor? The study believes that migrant remittances can serve the dual purpose; fill the savings gap, ensure shared growth and poverty reduction.

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