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Type Thesis or Dissertation - PhD Thesis
Title Corporate Social Responsibility: A Competitive Strategy for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Uganda
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
URL http://dspace.mak.ac.ug/bitstream/handle/10570/641/turyakira-peter-k-sob-phd.pdf?sequence=3&isAllowe​d=y
In view of the important role small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) universally play as the backbone of national economies and the survival and competitiveness challenges that they face, the purpose of this study was to develop specific models of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for SMEs in Uganda as an avenue to enhance their competitiveness and foster economic development. The primary objective was to gain insight into the deployment of CSR in SMEs, including investigating CSR factors and their potential impact on competitiveness. This study integrates previous findings and theories on CSR activities and SMEs? competitiveness into a comprehensive hypothesised model. A comprehensive literature study revealed potential factors that could influence the Increased competitiveness of SMEs in Uganda. Four independent variables (Workforce-oriented, Society-oriented, Market-oriented and Environmental-oriented CSR activities) and three mediating variables (Employee satisfaction, Business reputation and Customer loyalty) were identified as variables influencing the Increased competitiveness (dependent variable) of SMEs. Independent variables were categorised as CSR factors while mediating and dependent variables were categorised as outcomes factors. Furthermore, hypotheses were formulated for possible relationships between the independent, mediating and dependent variables.

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