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Type Report
Title An overview of women's work and employment in Belarus
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Publisher AIAS, University of Amsterdam
URL http://www.wageindicator.org/main/documents/dfl-country-reports/Decisions_for_life-Country_Report-Be​larus.pdf
This report is part of the Inventories, to be made by the University of Amsterdam, for all 14 countries
involved. These Inventories and the underlying gender analyses are listed in the Table. All reports will
be posted at the project website. In this country report on Belarus the sequence of the sections differs
from the table. The report covers mainly Activity nr 1.03, the Gender analysis regarding pay and
working conditions (or, as Chapter 2 is called here, work and employment). Partly included (in section
2.4.1) is Activity 1.01, Inventories of national legislation; partly the analysis of national legislation has
resulted in a separate product, the DecentWorkCheck for Belarus. Activity 1.02, Inventories of
companies’ regulations, will take place through a company survey. Preparations for Activities 1.03a and
1.03b have resulted in a number of lists, to be used in the WageIndicator web-survey for countryspecific
questions and their analyses (Chapter 3). References can be found in Chapter 4; Chapter 5 gives
more insight in the WageIndicator.

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