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Type Working Paper
Title Determinants of interregional migration in coastal Ghana: An event history analysis
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
URL http://www.brown.edu/Departments/Sociology/documents/Ghanamig.pdf
This article uses primary event history data from residents of coastal Ghana to examine interregional migration within Ghana. Using life history calendar data we examine overall interregional migration as well as four specific types of migration: rural-urban, rural-rural, urban-urban, and urban-rural. Results from our discrete time event history logit models indicate that only some of the usual hypotheses about migration are supported by our data. We find little evidence that mobility patterns differ by sex and little support for the mobility transition hypothesis. Yet we do find, net of other controls, higher probabilities of migrating for more educated persons, urban residents, and previous migrants. Having more children, being employed, and being in school all deter migration. Results from multinomial logit models of movement to rural or urban areas (for rural and urban sub-samples) are generally consistent with these patterns. These analyses suggest increasing heterogeneity between rural and urban populations and between more and less mobile populations in sub-Saharan African settings

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