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Type Report
Title Catchment profile of the Sekong, Sesan and Srepok (3S) Rivers (in Cambodia)
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
The report is a summary of general aspects covering hydro-meteorological data, agricultural and
industrial activities, and potential development on the catchment of the Sekong, Sesan and Srepok
Rivers (thereafter, referred to the 3S Rivers) in Cambodia. Since the data on the Sekong is limited, the
report mainly focused on the Sesan and Srepok Rivers. In Cambodia, the catchment of the 3Ss rivers
are mainly covered by two provinces, namely Stung Treng and Rattanakiri. Therefore, the data from
the two provinces are extensively used in this report. Data available from existing reports, published
literature, maps, statistics, databases, ministries, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) was
gathered, compiled and summarized in concise forms. For detailed information on each specific
section, readers are recommended to consult the references provided in the respective section.

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