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Type Journal Article - Amdo Tibetans in Transition: Society and culture in the post-Mao era, Leiden: Brill
Title Modernisation Efforts in Mgo Log: A chronicle, 1970-2000
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2002
Page numbers 241-269
URL http://www.case.edu/affil/tibet/booksAndPapers/horlemann.pdf
This study1
provides a general outline of thirty years of modernization
efforts in the Mgo log Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (TAP).2
It focuses mainly on economic development as one major aspect of
modernization, and it largely neglects other aspects such as education
or scientific and technological development.
The chronicle of modernization efforts in Mgo log presented
herein is predominantly based upon published Chinese and Tibetan
sources. These have appeared in a surprisingly large number considering
that Mgo log is an otherwise little studied pastoral area of A
The sources published in the People’s Republic of China that
deal with modernization often contain a considerable amount of political
and therefore must be used with due caution.
Extensive fieldwork will be required in the future for a more in-depth
understanding and analysis of modern developments in Mgo log.

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