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Type Journal Article - Philippine Sociological Review
Title The Chinese in the Philippines: facts and fancies
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1972
Page numbers 385-392
URL http://lynchlibrary.pssc.org.ph:8081/bitstream/handle/0/537/10_The Chinese in the Philippines_ Facts​and Fancies.pdf?sequence=1
Two questions are discussed, namely, what the Chinese in the Philippines are, and who
they are. The first is answered by a brief review of the history of the Chinese here, and
by an examination of eight popular misconceptions about them. The second question is
answered by a substantive description of the Chinese, particularly the Filipino Chinese,
or Pinsino, who was born and raised in the Philippines and currently accounts for at least
80 percent of the so-called Chinese population. By the diverse criteria of two antropologists,
Amyot and Geertz, Pinsinos are shown to be distinct from the old Chinatown
Chinese and well on the way to complete integration into Philippine society. Citizenship
is for many of them the only remaining step.

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