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Type Working Paper
Title Promoting young fathers’ positive involvement in their children’s lives
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
URL http://www.hsrc.ac.za/uploads/pageContent/3323/03 Young Fathers.pdf
The presence of fathers in children’s
lives is known to contribute to children’s
chances of experiencing positive
developmental outcomes (Jaffee et al.
2001). Absent fathers result in poorer
households (female-headed households
are about a third poorer than maleheaded
households) and a lack of
positive role models for boys and girls
regarding appropriate male–female
interaction and shared parenting models.
Sadly, South Africa has a high rate of
absent fathers, with only one-third of
preschool children living at home with
both their parents (Statistics South Africa
2011). Reasons for father absenteeism
include migrant labour, delayed
marriage, gender-based violence and
increasing female autonomy (Richter et
al. 2012). The 2012 draft White Paper on
Familiesraises concerns about South
African families being ‘under siege’, and
lists, among other threats to coherent
family life, absent fathers and former
spouses or partners who prevent fathers
from playing a role in the lives of their

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