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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education
Title The Relationship between ICT Use and Science Knowledge for Czech Students: A Secondary Analysis of PISA 2006
Volume 8
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Page numbers 523-543
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Milan_Kubiatko/publication/230799447_The_relationship_between_I​CT_use_and_science_knowledge_for_Czech_students_A_secondary_analysis_of_PISA_2006/links/0912f504863d​37f7a2000000.pdf
The 2006 Programme for International Student Assessment focussed on students’ scientific competencies, measured their knowledge and provided questionnaires focussed on different aspects of life. One aspect was students’ experience with information and communication technology (ICT). A secondary analysis of variance of the Czech Republic data (N=5,932 students) was conducted using the science knowledge test score and ICT familiarity items. The science knowledge items explored different thematic areas, such as evolution, mousepox, genetics and acid rain. The main result was that students who were connected in some way with ICT achieved better scores on the science knowledge test in comparison with students who were not. Furthermore, students whose ICT activity was connected with the educational process achieved a higher score in comparison with students whose ICT activity was not connected with the educational process.

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