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Type Journal Article - Journal of Environmental Research And Development Vol
Title Urban wastes’impact on some surface water resources in Enugu metropolis, Nigeria
Volume 7
Issue 1A
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 229-233
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Nwachukwu_Ekere/publication/271191519_URBAN_WASTES'_IMPACT_ON_S​OME_SURFACE_WATER_RESOURCES_IN_ENUGU_METROPOLIS_NIGERIA/links/54bf87970cf2acf661ce0d75.pdf
The study was conduct to examine the effects of urban wastes discharged into some streams in
Enugu, the capital city of Enugu State of South Eastern Region of Nigeria. The rivers’ water samples
were analyzed for some physicochemical features using standard methods. The results show gross
pollution of the surface waters at the city centre. The turbidity, colour, EC, TDS and pH values ranged
from1500 ­– 1930.7 NTU, 650 – 2850 Pt – Co, 29.80 – 1011.40 µS/cm, 158.3 – 1000.20 mg/l and 5.2 – 8.0
mg/l respectively. Iron, copper, manganese and lead had concentration ranges of 6.24 – 27.36 mg/l;
2.28 – 5.98 mg/l, 1.10- 3.05 mg/l and 3.02 – 5.21 mg/l respectively at the city centre sample location.
However, the values of the examined anions except nitrate were within the recommended limit. The
rivers showed some recovery at a point after the city centre. The results raise concern considering
the fact that majority of the urban dwellers depend on these surface waters for domestic, agricultural,
and industrial uses

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