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Type Book
Title Food and Other Crops in Fiji: an Annotated Bibliography
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1999
Publisher Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
URL http://ageconsearch.umn.edu/bitstream/117724/2/mn055.pdf
This bibliographic study is a part of a range of strategic approaches
used in a feasibility study on the status, constraints and solutions in the
production, marketing and consumption of nutritious food crops in
Fiji. The primary objective of this annotated bibliography is to assist in
the identification of pre- and post-production activities on food crops
that have received considerable research and development emphasis
and, conversely, highlight those important areas that have received
inadequate emphasis and require greater focus and more action.
The scope of the bibliography includes published and
unpublished (mimeograph) documents on research and development
activities that are readily accessible or available to us. These documents
report on work carried out in relation to all aspects of production,
marketing and consumption of nutritious food crops in Fiji. An
attempt was made to scan publications from the early years of
European visitations to Fiji in the 1860s until the present. However,
this literature survey is not exhaustive, as many publications are
unavailable or inaccessible. For similar reasons, some citations were
not annotated. Annotations were also not provided in a few cases
where the title is self-explanatory, as in the cases of a number of
pamphlets and lists that are included. An attempt is also made to
include associated literature from other Pacific countries where it is
relevant to food and agriculture in Fiji.
It is hoped that this bibliographic study will be useful to
researchers, scientists, policy makers, planners, nutritionists and health
workers. Also, we hope it will be relevant to consumers of nutritious
food crops and those who are interested in finding out more about Fiji.
The bibliography is arranged according to key production
activities and crops, as outlined below. Entries are arranged
chronologically in 10-year segments and then alphabetically according
to the first author’s surname. We found this format to be useful for our
feasibility study and feel that it would also be useful to other

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