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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Architecture and Urban Development
Title Housing Finance: The Role of the Private Sector in Public-Private Partnership in Housing Delivery for the Low-Income in Nigeria
Volume 4
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 5-10
URL http://ijaud.srbiau.ac.ir/pdf_7787_46d360bbd4da0c08dae7a14badff6bad.html
Events in the building industry in Nigeria in the last decade show the important role the private sector played in housing
finance. With the advent of the public-private partnership concept in almost every sector of the socio-economic spheres
of the nation, the role of the private sector in housing finance cannot be over-emphasized. This paper clearly states that
the low-income public servants do not easily have access to housing finance. The responsibility of generating housing
finance at a relatively low interest rate repayable over a maximum period of twenty five years rests on whoever seeks for a
housing loan through the Federal Mortgage Bank or the Primary Mortgage Institutions. This paper seeks mediatory role of
the private sector between this class of the society and the mortgage banks to source for funds to enable them to own their
houses. The research method employed in this paper is the survey research in which questionnaires were administered
on members of three housing estates, two housing estates in Lagos and one in Abuja. This paper examines the role of
the private sector in the public-private partnership in housing delivery to low-income earners in Nigeria through housing
finance. The findings showed that majority of the respondents had access to either mortgage or commercial banks to
source for funding or the purchase of the houses.

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