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Type Journal Article - Violence Against Women
Title Intimate partner violence against women in the capital province of Sri Lanka: prevalence, risk factors, and help seeking
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 107
URL http://staffweb.sjp.ac.lk/sites/default/files/vathsala/files/article_1_vj.pdf
This article presents findings from a cross-sectional community survey exploring intimate
partner violence (IPV) against women in the Western province of Sri Lanka. Findings
show that lifetime prevalence of physical violence (34%), controlling behavior (30%), and
emotional abuse (19%) was high and the prevalence of sexual violence was low (5%). Young
women and those with partners who abused alcohol/drugs and had extra-marital affairs
are at increased risk of violence. Although living in a patriarchal society, low prevalence
of child marriages and lack of dowry-related violence could be to Sri Lankan women’s
advantage relative to their Asian counterparts in preventing IPV.

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