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Type Conference Paper - 37th Annual Australian Health Economics Society Conference
Title Microfinance, Health Seeking Behaviour and Health Service of Rural Households: Evidence from a Cross-sectional study in Bangladesh
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL http://eprints.usq.edu.au/28062/1/Bhuiya_Khanam_Rahman_Nghiem_AV.pdf
This paper attempts to examine whether participation in microfinance program
improves health seeking behaviour and health knowledge of the participants. The study is
based on the primary data of 439 households across 20 villages of four different districts in
Bangladesh. The data were collected on a field survey. Our results suggest that the overall
impact of microfinance operations on the health services and health seeking behaviour of the
participants is mostly positive. Microfinance participants’ health related issues as indicated
by antenatal care, maternal care, family planning, diarrhoea remedial, immunization
provided, malaria/TB treatment, and medicines accessibility improved significantly after
joining the microfinance. Further research should aim to figure out whether there is any
substantial difference in the health seeking behaviour of the members (treatment) and nonmembers
(control) of microfinance institutions (MFIs).

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