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Type Working Paper
Title Why do Individuals Evade Payroll and Income Taxation in Estonia?
Issue 49-2007
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Kenneth_Kriz/publication/5180568_Why_Do_Individuals_Evade_Payro​ll_And_Income_Taxation_In_Estonia/links/02e7e527aa1cbda911000000.pdf
This paper employs micro-level data to determine the factors characterizing individuals who evade payroll and income taxation in Estonia. Using logit estimation on three different cross-sectional datasets, we estimate the marginal effects of different individual characteristics on tax evasion. The three datasets give broadly analogous results. Payroll and income tax evasion is most prevalent in small firms and in the construction and agricultural sectors. Evasion is more common among individuals who work part-time, are of non-Estonian ethnicity, have relatively short education, earn a low income and are men. Tax evasion is more frequent among the young and the elderly than among the middleaged. There are clear regional differences. The overall picture is that the relatively disenfranchised are most likely to evade payroll and income taxation in Estonia.

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