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Type Journal Article
Title Women’s right to health in the Anglo-Caribbean
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
URL http://www.phmed.umu.se/digitalAssets/76/76125_inlaga---faun-minvielle.pdf
Women’s sexual and reproductive health is a public health concern globally and in the Latin
American and Caribbean region. Academic publications exploring sexual and reproductive
health from a rights approach are uncommon and even more so for the Anglo-Caribbean. This
study explores women’s right to health in three Anglo-Caribbean countries. A document review
based on the application of the Health Rights of Women Assessment Instrument to the
countries’ strategic health plans was used to make a comparative analysis focusing on intimate
partner violence, abortion and government commitment to the realization of women’s right to
health. The results reveal that important steps have been taken by all countries to address
intimate partner violence and abortion, yet effective implementation is threatened by ambiguity
in the States’ approach to those issues as well as financial, social and infrastructural challenges.
Accountability mechanisms are either lacking or underutilized and much remains to be done to
effectively demonstrate governments’ commitment to women’s sexual and reproductive health
and rights.

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