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Type Journal Article - Techika Chronika Scientific Journal TCG
Title Illegal construction in Montenegro
Volume 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
Page numbers 1-2
URL http://portal.tee.gr/portal/page/portal/PUBLICATIONS/SCIENTIFIC_PUBLICATIONS/SEIRA_I/ETOS_2008/tefho​sB/techr_2008_I2-3_10.pdf
Illegal constructions are a significant problem in Montenegro.
Especially in areas of municipalities facing a certain economic
development, namely the capital, Podgorica, and the coastal area
sub-urbanisation and an increasing amount of illegal objects can
be observed since the mid-1990-ies.
Inadequate planning documentation as well as long and expensive
procedures for permits and licenses are identified as the major reasons
for today’s illegal constructions. The paper gives recommendations
how to deal with them and to prevent future illegal objects
without claiming their applicability in other countries with different
prevailing conditions.
It is concluded that due to extend of illegal objects only legalization
of those constructions in combination of an efficient prevention of
future illegal objects can stop the further environmental degrading
of Montenegro and ensure sustainable urban and economic development.
Process of legalization needs to be carefully adjusted in
order to motivate the citizen in participation, but instruments for
enforcement have to be operationalized as well. Mandatory precondition
is provision of necessary financial resources by both the
Government and the local self-government units.

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