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Type Report
Title St. Lucia, West Indies Ministry of Education Public Library & Information Services: A Status Report with Recommendations.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1997
Publisher Canadian International Development Agency, Winnipeg (Manitoba). Organization for Co-operation in Overseas Development.
URL http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED416908.pdf
This report assesses the current stage of program
development in the branch libraries of the Saint Lucia Public Library and
Information System (PLIS), based on data collected during September-December
1997 using a branch library questionnaire, site visits, and informal surveys
of library users. The vision and philosophical statements used to frame the
study are outlined; elements of this vision include personal growth and
change, PLIS programs, independent learning skills, literary and cultural
appreciation, literature component, leading guidance, organization and
administration, staffing, resources, access, and facilities. The next five
sections report benchmark data in the following areas, with recommendations
on ways the system can move towards the vision: (1) staffing components; (2)
collection development; (3) facilities, equipment, and planning; (4)
technology; and (5) program assessment. Strategies for implementation are
then presented, and the 56 recommendations are summarized, including a
listing by stakeholder(s). Highlights of the 21 appendices include: the Saint
Lucia mission statement for public library services; the Ministry of
Education 1997-98 work plan for library and information services; the branch
library and information services survey; a proposal for a reading research
project; and suggestions for re-structuring the children's department to
youth services.

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