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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master in Community
Title Capacity Building of Voluntary Security Group: A case study of Mbezi Salasala Kilimahewa Community in Kinondoni District, Dar es salaam, Tanzania
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
URL http://repository.out.ac.tz/850/1/CESILIA_DANIEL_NKWAMU.pdf
The project started with Participatory Assessment conducted in the year 2012 where problems were identified and prioritized by the community and planned for solutions. The problem identified was lack of security which was caused by lack of police post, Landscape of the area, new settlement area and inadequate Security skills. Although there is progress in reducing arm robbery, still the threat is there. Arm robbery remains a problem at Salasala Kilimahewa and Tanzania in general. Efforts taken include, formation of a VSG which is a Sungusungu group which lack security skills and is facilitated by only few people (Water Users Association only), therefore through this Participatory Assessment, this project came up with the following objectives: first, to increase leadership and organizational management skills of leaders, second, to capacitate members of Sungusungu group in Security skills, and third to capacitate Sungusungu leaders and Sub ward leaders in security skills. In the period of 15 months of CED program, the project has successfully accomplished all the planned activities. The project has shown that, if you strengthen community in security issues, you can easily fight arm robbery and crime in general but for this to happen, community should be involved actively in decision making at all levels including position such as managers, designers, planners and as implementers and evaluators. The project has realized that, lack of skills in security matters is a big problem to any community. There must be security for development.

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