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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Review in Life Sciences
Title Investigate the Relationship between Business Tourism Development on the Economy of Yasouj
Volume 5
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 1130-1136
The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between the Business tourism development on the economy
of Yasouj. The study has reviewed and analyzed based on data from the Statistical Center of Iran, statistical
yearbooks, General Population and Housing Census and other relevant organizations, between the years 1375 to
1392. So the research method is mainly library and descriptive. Analysis and estimates method is in this way that
we first find the unit root of variables, unit root test is done for this reason that we check that the model is not
face with the problem of non-stationary of variables. If desired variables be non-stationary, it is likely that there
will be a significant long-term relationship between the variables. In fact, if the variables included in the model be
non-stationary, their degree of integration must be determined that we use Augmented Dickey–Fuller test (ADF)
to determine it. This test shows that the existence of unit root is based on the acceptance of the null hypothesis
and the desired variable is non-stationary. But the absence of unit root is based on the rejection of the null hypothesis
that represents the variable is stationary. However, if the variables be non-stationary, the easiest way to
fix this problem is to use the differencing method, but in this case some of the long-term data will be deleted. The
method ARDL usually will be more efficient in models with annual data and the small sample size. With ARDL
method by considering the appropriate lags, long-term adjustment coefficients between the variables in a model
can be achieved. In ARDL method for each of the variables by using criteria such as Schwartz-Bayesian, Akaike and
Hannan Quinn, optimal lags are selected. In this study after data processing by statistical tools and software, the
results showed that there is a significant relation between all assumptions of the study.

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