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Title Pig production and health in Bolikhamxay province, Lao PDR
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
URL http://researchrepository.murdoch.edu.au/15984/1/pig_production_and_health.pdf
Commencing in May 2002, a pig production and health survey was conducted in 16 villages of two districts
in Bolikhamxay province to better understand the smallholder production system and assess the impact of
infectious disease, with a particular focus on classical swine fever (CSF). The reproductive performance of
sows in the smallholder sector was found to be low in comparison to tropical commercial pig production.
The median litter size was 6.0 (range 4.7–6.8) and the median number of litters/year/sow was 0.8 (range
0.5–1.5). Piglets were traded out of the village production units early, with 76% of all sales comprising
piglets in the 0–3-month age bracket. CSF had a major impact on village production units, affecting farmer
confidence and sales patterns, and resulting in substantial piglet mortality. Overall, CSF incidence was 21
outbreaks per 100 village years, but it differed markedly in the two districts, with 38 and 4 outbreaks per
100 village years in Bolikhan and Pakading districts, respectively. A coordinated CSF vaccination program
was, however, able to impact on CSF incidence in the target villages. Pig sales during disease outbreaks is
a problem and facilitates disease spread within villages and to surrounding villages.

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