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Type Journal Article - Journal of Third World Studies
Title The elusive goal of universal free primary education in Africa: the case of Lesotho
Volume 31
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 197
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ferdinand_Potgieter/publication/286540166_The_elusive_goal_of_u​niversal_free_primary_education_in_Africa_The_case_of_Lesotho/links/569e0bdb08ae950bd7a83a1b.pdf
In an age when it is still not difficult to find vestiges of Afropessimism,
it is not always appreciated that Africa has been the scene of the
biggest education expansion project in human history. While the achievements
of the post-independence (i.e. since c. 1960) education expansion drive have
been nothing short of spectacular,1 the remaining challenges are likewise
formidable. One pivotal challenge is the realization of the ideal of universal
and free primary education.2 While this ideal persistently seems to be eluding
every African country, it has not figured highly on the African education
research agenda either.3 The aim of this article is to report on research that was
done on the realization of free primary education for all in one country, namely
Lesotho. The article commences with an outline of the state of education
(achievements and challenges) in the Sub-Saharan African region and the state
of universal, free primary education, followed by a depiction of the context of
and education in Lesotho. The research method is then explained and the
findings presented. Conclusions regarding the pursuance of free primary
education in Lesotho are then drawn within the Sub-Saharan Africa education

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