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Type Journal Article - Global journal of health science
Title Hospital workers disaster management and hospital nonstructural: a study in Bandar Abbas, Iran
Volume 8
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 221-226
URL http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/gjhs/article/download/48969/28249
Introduction: A devastating earthquake is inevitable in the long term and likely in the near future in Iran. The
objective of the study was to assess the knowledge of hospital staff to disaster management system in hospital
and to determine nonstructural safety assessment in Shahid Mohammadi hospital in Bandar Abbas city of Iran.
This hospital is the main referral hospital in Hormozgan province with a capacity of about 450 beds and the
highest patient admissions.
Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted in 2013 on 200 healthcare workers at Shahid Mohammadi
hospital, in the city of Bandar Abbas, Iran. This hospital is the main referral hospital in Hormozgan province and
has a capacity of about 450 beds with highest numbers of patient admissions. Questionnaire and checklist used
for assessing health workers knowledge and awareness towards disaster management and nonstructural safety
this hospital.
Results: This study found that knowledge, awareness, and disaster preparedness of hospital staff need continual
reinforcement to improve self efficacy for disaster management. Equipping health care facilities at the time of
natural disasters, especially earthquakes are of great importance all over the world, especially in Iran. This
requires the national strategies and planning for all health facilities.
Conclusion: It seems due to limitations of hospital beds, insufficient of personnel, and medical equipment,
health care providers paid greater attention to this issue. Since this hospital is the only educational public
hospital in the province, it is essential to pay much attention to the risk management not only to this hospital but
at the national level to health facilities

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