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Type Journal Article - Savanna
Title The Share of Non-Renewable Biomass in Wood Fuel Production & Consumption by Bio-climatic Zones in Nigeria
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According to new regulations in CDM and VER projects, only the non-renewable share of
total biomass consumption (NRB) can be claimed in energy efficiency projects dealing with
bio-energy. With regard to wood energy, the calculation of NRB compares the sustainable
yield (the annual increment of woody biomass) with annual demand and losses (e.g. from
bush fires) in the project area. In the case of northern states like Kaduna this procedure has to
be modified, because the bulk of fuel wood originates from areas outside these states.
Productivity of wood fuel depends on the bioclimatic zone. The production is highest in the
forest zone, and generally drops from south to north, and is lowest in the Sudan Savannah
zone (Short Grass Savanna, Sahel).

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