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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Research Project
Title The Effect of Rural-Urban Brain Drain on Educational Learning in Cross River State of Nigeria: Examining the technological option on limiting the impact of Brain Drain.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
URL http://trap.ncirl.ie/476/4/Chibueze__Dominicachom.pdf
In the past two decades, a large number of Nigeria’s valuable human resources and
intellect has been relocating from the country in search of ‘greener3 pastures to the
urban areas and the world over. These problems have taken a turn for the worse
with the economic down turn in the country, in the last 20 years. Nigerian rural areas
has seen highly skilled professional migrate from their communities to areas where
they could fulfil their potential. This trend of Brain Drain has escalated in magnitude
to the level that has been causing serious concern and the inherent implications for
the Countries ability to sustainable capacity building for development and plan
strategically. As the country continue to search for developmental strategy to help
limit the effect of Brain Drain there is a need to introduce to modem and digital
technology media as part of the strategy to help limit the effect of Brain Drain on
educational learning in rural communities in cross river state of Nigeria. A strategy
anchored on technology based on two way partnership with developed countries that
benefits more from this kind of migration to help reduce or limit this kind of migration.
This research will be investigating the reasons why valuable human resources are
leaving the rural areas to urban areas, although the reason appears to be diverse,
ranging from professional to economical. There are also pull and push factors, some
of the reasons for the departures stem from lack of fund, internal conflict to political
indifference by the government of the day to develop a strategy in other to-execute
capacity building and domestic policies, which has resulted in imbalances between
labour supply and demand. The imbalances are now being acutely accentuated by
the impact of the Brain Drain.

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