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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Science and Research
Title Early Marriage Impact on Female? s Health and Their Satisfactory Level: A Distinctive Analytical Study in Bangladesh
Volume 5
Issue 3
Page numbers 363-369
URL https://www.ijsr.net/archive/v5i3/NOV161827.pdf
Abstract: Early or Child marriage is a strong social custom, particularly for girls in Bangladesh. Most societies have standards that set
a minimum age for marriage. But in many communities this age requirement is too low - especially for girls and does not take their
psychological or physiological readiness for marriage into consideration. Actually, the vital reasons of early marriage and that’s why
impact of it’s on among them are poverty, superstition, lack of social security, education and lack of awareness. For this kind of facts of
it creates also impact on female’s health. According to UNICEF report, “the State of the World’s Children, 2009”, “Early marriage is
pervasive in Bangladesh, with 64 percent of girls married before age 18. Early pregnancy often results from child marriage; one-third of
girls aged 15 to 19 in Bangladesh are currently either mothers or pregnant.” Although child marriage is prohibited legally, but
incidences of child marriage through their impact of health are still happening in rural areas of Bangladesh. According to the Child
Marriage Restraint Act, 1929 the minimum legal age for marriage is 18 years for females in Bangladesh. Along with this Act of child
marriage is punishable by law. The right to free and full consent to a marriage is recognized in the 1948 Universal Declaration of
Human Rights (UDHR) and in many subsequent human rights instruments. To prevent child marriage, a wide range of individuals and
organizations need to create awareness among people why it’s create devastating impact on women’s health, particularly the poor.
Especially, parents and government can play main role to reducing this kind of impact of through child marriage. An environment
should be ensured where children get proper care and facility to grow up completely and properly

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