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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Economics, Business and Finance
Title Women entrepreneurs as small medium enterprise (SME) operators and their roles in socio-economic development in Ota, Nigeria
Volume 2
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 1-10
URL http://covenantuniversity.edu.ng/content/download/22349/151024/file/Dr+and+Dr+Iyiola+Published+Artic​le+WOMEN+ENTREPRENEURS.pdf
This research study examined the impact of women entrepreneurs on the economy of Ota, Nigeria. It sought to find
the roles and contributions of women small and medium scale enterprise (SME) operators to the development of the
city. One hundred and fifty copies of questionnaire were administered out of which one hundred and forty six were
retrieved for analysis. Data collected were analysed using simple frequency tables and regression analysis. The
results revealed that the extent to which the variance in poverty level can be explained by the activities of women
entrepreneurs is 32.3% i.e. (R2
=.323), F=16.790, and p= 0.001. This shows that the activities of women
entrepreneurs have a significant effect on poverty level in Ota Ogun State Nigeria. Nevertheless, the paper also
discovered that a lot of women are uneducated; as far as business technicalities are concerned. The authors
recommend that State Government should encourage women in entrepreneurial activities and provide sound
conducive business environment for women through provision of infrastructural facilities such as power supply,
good roads, water and micro credit that will enhance women?s participation in business.

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