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Type Book
Title Manoshi: community health solutions in Bangladesh, baseline survey in Dhaka urban slums 2007
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
Publisher Dhaka: ICDDRB; 2007
URL http://dspace.icddrb.org/jspui/bitstream/123456789/4286/1/ICDDRBScientificReport-104-AhsanKZ.pdf
The 2007 MANOSHI Baseline Survey is a community based, cross sectional survey of 2,483 women
having under-five child(ren) and residing in a slum in Dhaka city. The survey was carried out during
August to September 2007 in Dhaka City Corporation area as a part of impact evaluation activity of
MANOSHI program. In the same year BRAC initiated MANOSHI project for improving maternal,
newborn and child health in urban slums of Bangladesh through implementation of a communitybased,
comprehensive package of essential health services.
Fifty percent of the study subjects (1,256 in number) comprised mothers who delivered a child in the
last one year and the rest (1,227 in number) have a child aged 1 to under-5 years old. All the
mothers were residing in selected slums in Dhaka City Corporation area.

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