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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Magíster en población y desarrollo local sustentable
Title Plan de capacitacion en autoempleo para reducir el desempleo juvenil (Muey-Salinas, Santa Elena)
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
URL http://repositorio.ug.edu.ec/bitstream/redug/11747/1/PLAN_CAPACITACIÓN_AUTOEMPLEO_MUEY.pdf
This research is aimed to propose a Self-Employment Training Plan to reduce youth
unemployment in the Muey Parish of the coastal city of Salinas, Canton of the Province of
Santa Elena, Ecuador. The methodological framework is referred to a
qualitative/quantitative research design, where the case-study method was used. Social,
labor and public investment categories were addressed in the methodological framework.
These categories enclosed three main factors: shortage of human capital caused by low
level education and minimum work experience from the young people, non-labour
income of the family and the few sources of employment caused by the poor level and
inadequate structure of investments and also the lack of employment initiatives that take
place in the Muey Parish.The design used in the present research was observational. The
information obtained describes the percentage of unemployed young people (18 to 29): a)
Census: 97,58 % with virtually no work and b) survey: 52,17 %. Young people prefer to
get trained on how to start tourism-related business and online ventures.

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