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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Masters
Title Process Evaluation of the Healthkick Action Planning Process in Disadvantaged Schools in the Western Cape
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
URL http://etd.uwc.ac.za/xmlui/bitstream/handle/11394/2124/Hill_MPH_2010.pdf?sequence=1
The prevalence of diabetes is increasing globally. In South Africa the mortality rate associated with diabetes increased from 176 to 240 per 100 000 between 1985 and 2000. In response to the growing burden of diabetes and other non communicable diseases the World Health Assembly adopted the “Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health (DPAS) in May 2004, in order to reduce the impact of major risk factors such as unhealthy diet and physical inactivity. As one measure, DPAS called upon Member States to develop and implement school policies and programmes that promote healthy diets and increased levels of physical activity (WHO, 2008). The HealthKick programme in the Western Cape of South Africa is such a programme. It aims to improve nutrition behaviours and increase physical activity in disadvantaged primary school settings by improving the school environment and surrounding community through various channels. These include developing curricula focusing on healthy eating and optimal physical activity and training educators to implement it. In order to describe and document the enablers and challenges of its implementation, the implementation process of the HealthKick programme required evaluation. This was done using process evaluation. In this study a process evaluation of the action planning process of the HealthKick programme in disadvantaged primary school settings in the Western Cape was conducted.

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