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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences
Title Conceptualization of the seropositive using the journey metaphor in EkeGusii HIV and AIDS discourse in Kisii County, Kenya
Volume 4
Issue 8
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 316-325
URL http://hrmars.com/hrmars_papers/Conceptualization_of_the_Seropositive_using_the_Journey_Metaphor_in_​EkeGusii_HIV_and_AIDS_Discourse_in_Kisii_County,_Kenya.pdf
Language plays a fundamental role in the fight against HIV and AIDS in Kenya. Moreover,
language is important in the dissemination of information that would ensure the success of
both prevention and treatment of any disease. English language is used as the main language of
communication on HIV and AIDS related issues in Kenya. The documented information available
in indigenous languages, for example, EkeGusii on HIV and AIDS is many at times a direct
translation from English. Whereas Kenya has made significant progress in the fight against HIV
and AIDS, the prevalence of HIV in Gusii is very high, at between 10% and 28%, this call for
investigation. In a recent draft report, HIV Prevention Revolution Road MAP 2013, prepared by
NACC and NASCOP revealed that Kisii is among the nine Counties that contribute more than
half of the new HIV infections in the country. A number of linguistic expressions such as
metaphors are used in reference to HIV and AIDS in EkeGusii. This article investigates the
journey metaphor as used in EkeGusii HIV and AIDS discourse. The ubiquity nature of metaphor
makes it possible for the journey metaphor to be abundant in EkeGusii HIV and AIDS discourse.
This paper reveals how metaphor reflects and structures EkeGusii speakers understanding of
reality and particularly HIV and AIDS. As a result, the basic metaphor LIFE IS A JOURNEY is
elaborated in novel ways and expressed in diverse measures in EkeGusii. Consequently,
EkeGusii speakers perceive a seropositive individual as a traveller on an endless journey of
taking ARVs or death.

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