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Type Report
Title Kenya, Nyanza Province Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2011
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Publisher Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and United Nations Children’s Fund
URL http://psri.uonbi.ac.ke/sites/default/files/chss/psri/psri/MICS4 Nyanza Report.pdf
The Nyanza Province County-based MICS survey
2011 is a representative sample survey drawn
using the 2009 Census Enumeration Areas (EAs) as
the sampling frame. A stand-alone statistical frame
for each of the Nyanza counties was constructed
based on the 2009 census EAs for the purpose of
this MICS survey. The 300 EAs were sampled using
the probability proportional to size (PPS) sampling
methodology, and information from a total of
6828 households were collected using structured
questionnaires. The Nyanza Province Countybased
MICS survey is the first largest household
sample surveys ever conducted with the inclusion
of the County governance structures that came into
effect as part of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.
The survey used a two stage design. In the first
stage, EAs were selected and in the second stage
households were selected systematically using
a random start from the list of households1
. The
data was collected by twelve teams comprising of
seven members each (one supervisor, one editor,
one measurer and 4 interviewers).
The survey was implemented by the Kenya National
Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) with support from
UNICEF. The summary findings from the survey are
presented below.

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