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Type Report
Title Homa Bay County Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2011
Volume 75
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Publisher Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF, United Nations Children’s Fund
URL http://psri.uonbi.ac.ke/sites/default/files/chss/psri/psri/MICS4 Report Homa Bay.pdf
The Homa Bay County Multiple Indicator Cluster
Survey (MICS) is a representative sample survey
drawn using the 2009 Kenya Population and
Housing Census. The urban and rural areas within
Homa Bay County were identified as the main
sampling strata and the sample was selected in two
stages. The primary sampling units (PSUs) were
the enumeration areas (EAs) while the households
were the ultimate units. A total of 50 EAs were
sampled using the Probability Proportional to Size
(PPS) sampling methodology. After a household
listing was carried out, a systematic sample of 25
households was drawn in each sample enumeration
area. Information from a total of 1182 households
was collected from 5,010 household members with
2,436 males and 2,574 females. About 50 per cent
of the sampled households’ population is below 15
years, 47 per cent are aged between 15-64 years
and 3 per cent are aged above 65 years. The survey
was implemented by the Kenya National Bureau
of Statistics (KNBS) with support from UNICEF

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